Educational Connections maintains a database on Public, Catholic, Parochial schools as well as both Private and Independent schools in the Greater Toronto Area and the Central/Southern Ontario region. If your family is moving or you are looking for the ‘right’ school for your children a School Placement consultation with Educational Connections can help you make a confident decision, which is tailored to your specific family’s and children’s needs.

At Educational Connections we offer an objective opinion based on your family’s educational philosophy and goals as well as your children’s individual learning needs.

Where a student is considering post-secondary studies, Educational Connections can also assist with the planning process.

If any of the following School Placement questions are relevant to your family or child, then we would be pleased to assist you:

  • How do Montessori and Waldorf schools differ?
  • Private, Independent, or Public School?
  • French Immersion?
  • My daughter wants to drop math. Shouldn’t she keep all the doors and windows open?
  • My son needs enrichment, but the entry testing for Gifted programs is past. What should I do?