A Second Opinion Consultation provides a professional, objective and diplomatic overview which links the original referral concerns to the findings and provides a comprehensive set of outcome recommendations.

  • There are different kinds of psychologists. Most are specialists with a specific expertise and scope of practice (e.g., Clinical, Social-Emotional, Personality, Neurological, Vocational, Industrial and Psychoeducational). Just as you would not go to a Podiatrist if you had a tooth ache, you should choose a psychologist to reflect your referral concerns.
  • Regardless, a psychological assessment report sometimes does not address the original referral concern or conveys an unexpected ‘surprise’. Assessments should provide road maps, not surprises. As well, sometimes assessment reports are hard to decipher because of jargon or simply because of poor writing.
  • Sometimes the conclusions and recommendations presented in a report do not appear to follow from the findings or what you know about the individual.
  • Sometimes, despite valid analysis and conclusions there are no recommendations or little insight to answer “What do we do now?”.

The team at Educational Connections has years of experience teaching teachers, conducting psychological assessments, training psychologists and reviewing clinical documentation from assessments across Ontario and around the world.

The Educational Connections team is well prepared to review an existing assessment report and then meet with parents or the individual themselves to provide feedback as to the validity of the results, to expand upon the report with respect to recommendations, and/or to determine whether further action is required.