What Advocacy services can Educational Connections provide?

Educational advocates can provide you with objective and confidential support to help navigate through educational issues whether at the School, School District or Ministry level. They act in a supportive professional role:

  • To access required information to explore options or choices
  • To attend school meetings or interviews with you in a professional capacity (e.g., IPRC or Team meetings)
  • To assist you in the drafting of formal letters
  • To speak diplomatically on your behalf in situations where you don’t feel able speaking for yourself

If any of the following situations are relevant, consider our Educational Advocate services:

  • “My son’s school indicated that he is going to fail some courses because of his irregular attendance. Isn’t this a violation of the Ministry’s policy?”
  • “Even though my child has SEA funding because of his motor problems, his teacher forces him to do a hand written draft and then humiliates him when he tries to self-advocate”.
  • “Our son is clearly behind in his skills, but the school won’t assess him for another year and a half!”.