Localization and Education Policy & Implementation Costs 

Influenced by costs and family issues, the practice of localizing expatriates is becoming a key consideration of Human Resources dealing with today’s global workforce. Following on the heals of numerous corporate requests for more in-depth cost comparisons, Dr. Ford reviews relocation and localization facts and guidelines to reveal important policy and cost implications.
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*Dr. Ford was awarded the CERC Editorial Award for this article.

*CERC is the Canadian Employee Relocation Council, a leading provider of information and professional education to the relocation industry.

Cross-Border Relocation and Educational Continuity

This article explores the impact of globalization on families with specific reference to schooling when moving internationally.
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Children and the Challenge of Relocation

This article presents a history lesson on the impact of globalization on relocation which confirms the need to include children in relocation planning.
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Youth on the Move

Relocating with teens in tow can be quite the challenge. Employees with teenaged children need to be made aware of a few simple considerations to ease the transition.
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SAT? But We’re Canadian, eh!

Moving teenagers across international borders can turn up a
few unexpected ‘glitches’ when they then apply to university.
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Relocation: The Kindergarten Factor

Be prepared for surprises when relocating families with pre-schoolers! Don’t assume there will be a Kindergarten.
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“Catholic Education in Canada is Free, isn’t it?”

Differing funding supports in the Canadian provinces can result in unexpected relocation costs.
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Relocation and School Taxes

Although some of the legislation has recently changed, this article gives a general overview of how school taxes paid by employees can determine school choice in Canadian provinces.
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Understand the International Market

This article provides information on international and independent schools across the globe, their principles, educational emphases, and student recruitment.
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