During Educational Connections’ over 40 years of service delivery, we have had the privilege of developing a collegial network of like-minded and competent professionals with a diverse range of clinical specialties. Our colleagues also serve different age groups and have recognized expertise serving individuals with differing learning strengths and weaknesses.

In the chart below, we have listed brief descriptions of the various services which may be recommended as an outcome of our assessment process. Within each service we have colleagues with whom we have had long standing connections. As it is challenging doing ‘consumer shopping’ in these clinical areas, we would be pleased to recommend a professional ‘match’ based on our informed opinion.

Please note that access to the contact information for individual professionals within our network of Community Partners can be obtained by contacting our office directly. We have done this to ensure that our referrals are clinically determined and matched to the individual’s need for service and the expertise of the target professional. Referrals for the services listed below can be provided following an Assessment or Consultation service.

Pre-school Assessment require age-appropriate testing strategies. Formal psychological assessment instruments may not be sensitive and/or valid with pre-school aged children. Assessment strategies which are play based provide a more realistic and valid indication of developing abilities.
Build self-esteem through Drama Social skills and language pragmatic training can be enhanced using drama with children on an individual and group basis.
Tutoring, Remediation, and Academic Coaching Customized, one-on-one tutoring, remediation, or academic coaching requires careful selection and specialized training.
Learning Strategies and Assistive Technology Training Learning how to use technology is a key to its successful application. Individualized instruction in the ‘how to’ of assistive technology maximizes learning at home and at school.
Counseling Young Adults Adolescents and young adults who are dealing with transition, anxiety and low self-esteem require positive, goal-oriented, and solution-focused therapy. Finding the right match is a challenge.
Behaviour Management and Intervention Some children require direct behavioural intervention individually or in groups in parallel to parent management training. This is particularly important for children diagnosed with attentional and compliance disorders.
Selecting the right University and College program Find suitable university and/or college programs in Canada, USA or abroad which map onto a student’s learning skills, academic grades and interests is sometimesoverwhelming. Objective information on what is actually out there is critical to a successful post-secondary experience.
Counseling for Men and Boys Self-esteem and adaptive behaviours in boys and men are impacted by gender, cultural, developmental and experiential differences. Selecting a counselling strategy which incorporates and this awareness is beneficial.
Speech & Language Assessment and Treatment Underlying articulation and/or language processing issues may require specialized support from speech and language pathologists.
Audiology In situations where there are underlying auditory processing issues and/or suspected hearing issues, an audiological assessment may be warranted.
Vision In situations where there are underlying visual processing issues (e.g., strabismus, lazy eye, etc, reading and attention in class may be compromised but overlooked without a vision assessment.
Occupational Therapy Small motor problems and struggles with psychomotor expression can notably impact writing and other pen to paper activities in the classroom. An occupational therapy evaluation will provide direction on intervention strategies
Child and Adult ADHD: Medical consultation If a child or adult presents with inattention and/or hyperactivity and other factors (e.g., memory, anxiety, motor issues, etc) have been ruled out, referrals for further consultation with a medical specialist in ADHD may be warranted.