The following articles pertain to psychoeducational assessments for post-secondary students:

  • Diagnosing Eligibility for College Accommodations
    This article outlines the significant impact of the replacement of the DSM-IV by the DSM-5 in the determination of Specific Learning Disorders and on the determination of eligibility for funding to support accommodations at the post-secondary level. In recognition of the importance of this impact, this article was distributed by the College Committee on Disability Issues (CCDI) to their Ontario membership.
  • University Preparation & Learning Disabilities
    The Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario distributed this article in their Newsletter. The article outlines the requirements for accommodations by Universities and Colleges. A key requirement is a recent diagnostic psychoeducational assessment.
  • Everything You Need to Know About the New SAT
    This article outlines the basic premise of the updated SAT, set to arrive in March 2016. The article outlines some of the critiques of the new SAT, as well as examines what has been changed and how this will impact the experience of the test.
  • Educational Connections’ College Brochure
    This brochure outlines the services of Educational Connections for College Students and for their Accessibility Consultants.

For access to the follow PowerPoint Presentations, please call our office:

  • Enhancing Accessibility Services – a PowerPoint presentation providing an overview of the impact of the new DSM-5 diagnostic manual.
  • MID & the DSM-5: Disability or “Not Otherwise Qualified”? – a PowerPoint presentation presented at the CCDI’s Annual Conference (May, 2014).