Building upon the original psychological practice of Ford and Associates established in the 1970s, Educational Connections rapidly became a leading service provider for corporate cross-border relocations between Canada and the USA.  In response to the demands made by multinational corporations for more globally focused expertise, Educational Connections expanded their school search support to include families relocating to Europe, South America, Australia, Africa, Asia and the Pacific Rim. Educational Connections has provided services now to well over 130 corporate clients in over 50 countries.

During this period, Educational Connections also developed well recognized expertise in school placement research, cross-country comparisons as well as honing our knowledge of psychoeducational assessment and treatment vehicles as we service a broad and diverse range of age groups as well as diagnostic and treatment needs. The team at Educational Connections also continued to maintain active links with graduate programs in different universities by supervising M.A. and Ph.D., students.

At the current time, we enjoy close collegial and professional contacts with a wide network of other service providers in the field of education (see Community Partners).  Our experience, knowledge and community partners ensure the delivery of qualitative support to the families and students we serve.


Our team at Educational Connections has a wide range of expertise and has had international and local experience in a diverse range of educational settings.  When we deal with specialized educational issues (e.g., diagnosis, assessment, grade determination, school placement, determination of accommodations, etc) our multi-disciplinary team of special education teachers, registered psychologists, psychoeducational consultants are a credible, objective resource in the determination of educational needs.


Educational Connections was founded by William G. Ford Ph.D., C.Psych. EC’s breadth of service reflects his many years of leadership and educational expertise.

    Dr. Ford

  • received his doctorate in 1976 from the University of Toronto (OISE) where he specialized in Educational Psychology
  • became the Director of Ford and Associates in 1977 and with his partner Louise Ford subsequently established Educational Connections as the first School Search and Relocation provider in Canada.
  • is a well-respected speaker recognized for his knowledge of psychological and educational issues
  • is a consultant to school boards, corporations, government and social service agencies
  • is a Graduate Supervisor at the University of Toronto, the Ontario Institute for studies in Education (OISE) and York University
  • has written award winning articles on school search and relocation as well as issues related to diagnosis, assessment and treatment.
  • has serviced on the Executive Board of the Conference of Independent Schools (Ontario), the Chair of CIS’s Nomination and Governance Committee and as advisor to Montcrest School
  • has been declared an expert witness for the Human Rights Commission as well serviced on a cross section of government educational committees
  • has been an active member of the Canadian Employee Relocation Council (CERC) and on their Editorial Committee
  • has presented numerous workshops, conferences and papers on issues related to diagnosis, treatment, accommodations and relocation.