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We have a list of recent articles, papers and brochures prepared by the Team at Educational Connections. They have been grouped under headings related to assessment, accommodations, learning as well as relocation and school search. Also listed are articles written about Educational Connections and other articles of general interest. This list is updated periodically.

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The Difference Between Dyslexia and Dyscalculia Amid Processing Speed-Can Processing Speed Improve? Math Anxiety vs. Dyscalculia: Comparing the Signs Why Some Children Have Trouble With Reading Developmental Services Ontario: Guidelines Tutoring or Remedial? Tutoring, Remediation, Academic Coaching or Educational Therapy- Which is the Best Fit? Why is Homework Important Notes on Note-Taking Guidelines Environmental Language […]

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For more Information on Taxes, see our list of articles.

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The following articles pertain to psychoeducational assessments for post-secondary students: Diagnosing Eligibility for College Accommodations This article outlines the significant impact of the replacement of the DSM-IV by the DSM-5 in the determination of Specific Learning Disorders and on the determination of eligibility for funding to support accommodations at the post-secondary level. In recognition of […]

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Our Team

Our team at Educational Connections has a wide range of expertise and has had international and local experience in a diverse range of educational settings. When we deal with specialized educational issues (e.g., diagnosis, assessment, grade determination, school placement, determination of accommodations, etc) our multi-disciplinary team of special education teachers, registered psychologists, psychoeducational consultants are a credible, objective resource in the determination of educational needs.

Dr. Bill Ford Ph.D

Dr. Bill Ford Ph.D


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